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Our most popular jacket !


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 We're not Police Officers so why do we wear police jackets?  Fire Departments across the US spend $100's of dollars per jacket that most of us dont even wear.  We think it's time for a more practical firefighters work jacket!  Next time your department is shopping  for jackets, show them one of our's!

Why Our's

Don't be fooled by similar jackets made from 10-12oz. denim fabric and made in countries we can't even pronounce.  Our's made right here of heavy 15oz. denim.

Why have somebody else's name on your buttons & pocket logo when you can have your own, Fireman.

See if their's comes with an inside radio pocket & mic clip for your two-way radio.

What about that triple white stitched seam straight down the middle of the back when you go to have it embroidered.

Remember, you get what you pay for!

Keep buying products made overseas, you might just put yourself out of a job!

 The only place your jacket should come from USA



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Syracuse New York Fire Department

Pike Twp. Fire Department Indianapolis

FOOLS International

Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

Fire House Dolls Female Firefighters Calendar

L.A.Co.F.D. Battalion 13

Southern CA. FOOLS 

Michiana FOOLS

Muddy River FOOLS

Central Illinois FOOLS

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